public consultatioN: first round

The first round of public consultations began on Monday 24th April 2017. A link to the consultation portal is here: LINK 

working groups (currently active)



  • Charles Gledhill (chairman) - Forum Council member and a trustee of the Spitalfields Historic Buildings' Trust
  • Other members TBA

Open Spaces Working Group

  • Mhairi Weir (chairman) - Forum Council member and manager of Spitalfields City Farm
  • Chris Dyson - Chairman of Spitalfields Open Space (a charitable organisation) and local business operator
  • Jeremy Freedman - local resident and environmental campaigner

This group was set up by the Forum in September 2016 and has begun working on gathering new members and formulating draft proposals for public consultation regarding local parks, gardens, open spaces and tree planting.


  • David Donoghue (chairman)
  • Toby Brown 
  • Tarik Khan
  • Alex Gordon Shute

This group was set up by the Forum in May 2017 and has begun working on creating and delivering publicity material for our consultation processes.



Our consultation strategy is designed to achieve our aims and objectives as defined in the Constitution. These aims and objectives include encouraging participation in our neighbourhood planning consultations. To achieve these aims and objectives and to encourage local participation, we propose to hold two rounds of consultation:

  1. The first by engaging local stakeholders, members of the public through a number of themed or geographic working groups, and the public in general through our website
  2. The second to be based on the input to, and conclusions drawn from, the first.

 Stakeholders shall be defined by the SNPF Council and Working Groups may be formed by the SNPF Council. Each Working Group shall be chaired by a Member of the SNPF Council and will include any interested member of the public who lives, works or has a strong interest in that area or aspect of the Neighbourhood.

Any interested member of the public may take part in our public consultation process but the outcome of those consultations shall make clear distinction between those responses received from persons who live and/or work within our defined Neighbourhood Business Area and the responses received from those other persons who do not.

This Consultation Strategy was agreed at the General Meeting of the Forum held on Monday 24th April 2017 and replaces the previous (2015) strategy.



During the summer of 2014 two consultation meetings were held at the Attlee Centre to seek the views of local people about the establishment of a neighbourhood planning forum.

The first meeting for around eighty local "stakeholders" was held on Monday 21st July 2014. These "stakeholders" were invited representatives of local constituted groups and organisations including representatives of residents' groups, tenants' associations, amenity societies, religious leaders, councillors, social and welfare organisations, housing associations and business leaders.

The second consultation meeting on Monday 4th August 2014 was promoted to the general public through the distribution of a four-page leaflet named 'Your Future - Your Spitalfields' that was delivered to households and business premises in the area. 

At both the meetings there was a series of presentations on what neighbourhood planning was, what it could achieve and the process involved. The attendees were encouraged to express their views on the proposed forum constitution and the bounds of the proposed neighbourhood area where any future neighbourhood plan for Spitalfields would apply. All those in attendance were also invited to become forum members.



Photographs from the Stakeholder Consultation Meeting held on 21 July 2014

21 July B.jpg
21 July A.jpg

Photographs from the Public Consultation Meeting held on 04 August 2014

4 Aug A.jpeg
4 Aug B.jpeg



On 5th May 2015 the Spitalfields Neighbourhood Planning Forum hosted an election hustings for local people in association with the Spitalfields Historic Buildings Trust - one of our forum members. The meeting was held at the Toynbee Hall (also members of the forum!) in Spitalfields and was attended by numerous local people as well as most of the candidates standing in the General Election for the Bethnal Green & Bow constituency.