NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (12 July 2016 at Hanbury Hall, 7pm)

Notice is hereby given that there shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Spitalfields Neighbourhood Planning Forum. 

Under s.7b of our Constitution the activities of the Annual General Meeting are defined:

7b)             Annual General Meetings/Special Meetings
i.            An Annual General Meeting of Forum members shall take place once in every calendar year. Notice and an agenda for an Annual General Meeting to Forum members shall be 15 (fifteen) working days;
ii.         The quorum required for an Annual General Meeting to conduct business shall be 15 (fifteen) Forum Members.
The Annual General meeting shall:
iii.            Elect the Committee of the Forum;
iv.            Receive a report from the Committee of the Forum about the activities that have taken place in the year;
v.            Receive a final statement from the Treasurer.
Elections to the Committee of the Forum shall take place as follows:
vi.            Forum members shall notify the Secretary of the Forum of their intention to stand for a place on the Committee in writing and at least 5 (five) working days before the Annual General Meeting takes place;
vii.            At the Annual General Meeting elections shall be held on the basis of a show of hands for each candidate.

An agenda of the main items for the meeting will be circulated fifteen days before the meeting.

If you have an substantive items you would like included in the main business of the meeting please email the Secretary before the expiration of the notice period (27 June).

If you are a Member of the Forum and you would like to stand for election to the Committee please write to the Secretary. The deadline for applications is five days before the meeting (7 July). Applications for Committee places may not be made on the night of the meeting.

Applications for Membership of the Forum may be submitted for checking on the night of the meeting and applicants may observe the meeting as prospective members but voting rights will not be extended to any persons who is not an affirmed member of the Forum at least 24 hours in advance of the AGM.