LPA Statutory Public Consultation - 5th January to 16 February 2015

Tower Hamlets held a period of Statutory Public Consultation on our proposals which began on 5th January and which ended on 16 February. The results of this consultation was made known to us on 27 February and can by summarised broadly as numerous representations of support being made by local residents, community organisations and business operators. There were also received a smaller number of objections made by several local business operators. A summary of key matters raised by representors is as follows:

Supporting comments

The proposed area is representative of the heart of Spitalfields

The boundaries are commensurate with other boundaries adopted by the Council ie. Responsible Drinking Zones

Forum members are found to be agreeable

The area and forum would give residents a stronger voice on planning issues

 ‘We have already benefited from engagement with such a diverse group of individual, community groups and businesses’

‘designation will help support, protect and encourage sensitive and appropriate social, economic, environmental and property growth and enrichment of the area’

 ‘The area is manageable in terms of policy making’

Objections and concerns raised

More planning policy could hinder growth

The proposed area is too large and does not form a coherent or consistent neighbourhood

There will be unknown implications for the Old Truman Brewery Site which represents 9.1% of the application site

The forum would not be able to effectively or efficiently deliver a neighbourhood planning forum

The area is already effectively controlled by multiple layers of adopted planning policy

Failure to comply with Legislation with regards to consultation and membership

The forum’s consultation was incomplete and not comprehensive during the preparation of the area  with consultation periods not taking into consideration Ramadan or the summer holiday season

Summary of key issues for Council considerations:

The substantial number of objections raised to the Forum and Area based applications.

The representativeness of the forum given that the majority of objections came from the business based community

The degree to which the area can be considered a ‘business area’

The degree to which membership can be considered ‘open’ and drawn from different sections of the community

The degree to which the purpose of the Forum reflects the character of the area

Consultation techniques