Notice is duly given that a General Meeting of the Spitalfields Neighbourhood Planning Forum shall be held at Hanbury Hall at 22 Hanbury Street on Tuesday 24th April starting at 7pm.

Please note that the notice period for Items of business on the main agenda is eleven working days prior to the meeting.

An agenda of the main items for the meeting will be circulated before the meeting.

If you have an substantive items you would like included in the main business of the meeting please email the Secretary before the expiration of the notice period.

Co-Option of a new Member of the Forum Council

Sadly Edith Okoth-Awuar (representing Spitalfields Small Business Association) has had to stand down due to work commitments. We are lucky to have found a worthy replacement in Krissie Nicolson of the East End Trades Guild to replace her. Krissie was co-opted at the council meeting on 8th May and will serve alongside the rest of the council until the AGM in October.

Appointment of Neighbourhood Planning Consultant

SNPF has appointed Tony Burton CBE BA MPhil (Town Planning) FRIBA RSA to support our forum on some important next steps in the development of the Spitalfields Neighbourhood Plan.

His support will enable the forum to:

  • Engage with the local community
  • Develop our evidence base
  • Establish a vision and objectives
  • Initiate drafting of the Neighbourhood Plan

    We are looking forward to working with Tony for the next six months.

Notice of General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that there will be a General Meeting of the Forum at Hanbury Hall on Monday 24th April 2017 starting at 19:00.

This meeting will provide an update on our activities since January.

You will also be consulted on your views for the neighbourhood using our new consultation software.

We look forward to seeing you there.

NOTICE OF GENERAL MEETING (25th October, Hanbury Hall at 7pm)

Notice is hereby given that there shall be a General Meeting of the Spitalfields Neighbourhood Planning Forum. 

The meeting will be an opportunity to hear reports from the Forum Council about our work since the AGM and ask questions.

We will also be hearing from the Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team for Spitalfields & Banglatown who are our guest speakers.

NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (12 July 2016 at Hanbury Hall, 7pm)

Notice is hereby given that there shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Spitalfields Neighbourhood Planning Forum. 

Under s.7b of our Constitution the activities of the Annual General Meeting are defined:

7b)             Annual General Meetings/Special Meetings
i.            An Annual General Meeting of Forum members shall take place once in every calendar year. Notice and an agenda for an Annual General Meeting to Forum members shall be 15 (fifteen) working days;
ii.         The quorum required for an Annual General Meeting to conduct business shall be 15 (fifteen) Forum Members.
The Annual General meeting shall:
iii.            Elect the Committee of the Forum;
iv.            Receive a report from the Committee of the Forum about the activities that have taken place in the year;
v.            Receive a final statement from the Treasurer.
Elections to the Committee of the Forum shall take place as follows:
vi.            Forum members shall notify the Secretary of the Forum of their intention to stand for a place on the Committee in writing and at least 5 (five) working days before the Annual General Meeting takes place;
vii.            At the Annual General Meeting elections shall be held on the basis of a show of hands for each candidate.

An agenda of the main items for the meeting will be circulated fifteen days before the meeting.

If you have an substantive items you would like included in the main business of the meeting please email the Secretary before the expiration of the notice period (27 June).

If you are a Member of the Forum and you would like to stand for election to the Committee please write to the Secretary. The deadline for applications is five days before the meeting (7 July). Applications for Committee places may not be made on the night of the meeting.

Applications for Membership of the Forum may be submitted for checking on the night of the meeting and applicants may observe the meeting as prospective members but voting rights will not be extended to any persons who is not an affirmed member of the Forum at least 24 hours in advance of the AGM.

Press Coverage: Open Spaces

The East London Advertiser reported on our first Committee meeting since designation on 6 June. The meeting was held in the Parish Vestry and was the first meeting of an officially recognised civic body for Spitalfields since the Spitalfields Parish Vestry last met in the same vestry room in 1856. One of the topics for discussion at the meeting was the need to protect our open spaces.




We have been designated!

On 5th April 2016 we were officially designated by the by the Local Planning Authority as a Business Neighbourhood Area known as the "Spitalfields Neighbourhood Planning Area". The Spitalfields Neighbourhood Planing Forum respective to that area also received official approval.

Here are some articles on the decision to designate made by the Mayor on 6th April:

Docklands & East London Advertiser, 'Spitalfields planning forum gets legal recognition in bid to halt City encroachment' (Mike Brooke, 06.04.16)

East End Citizen, 'Tower Hamlets Mayor approves planning forum for Spitalfields residents and businesses' (Daniel Kraemer, 07.04.16)

The official 'decision notice' was published on Friday 15th April.



An SGM is being held on Tuesday 26th April 2016 to make some amendments to our Constitution and provide an update on our progress towards drafting a Neighbourhood Planning Framework.

Formal notice was sent out to members ten days ago.

Mayor of Tower Hamlets agrees "in principal" to designate SNPF

Following a meeting of the Mayor in Cabinet at the London Borough of Tower Hamlets on 1st December, the Mayor (Mr. John Biggs) let it be known (on 18 December via East End Life) that formal designation of our neighbourhood forum and area has been "agreed in principal" and "will follow shortly, if we can overcome local issues."

Published in East End Life, 18.12.15

Published in East End Life, 18.12.15

This is a welcome development for everyone who supports our project.

Residents' Question Time - 30 September

RQT provides local residents to express any concerns on Policing in Tower Hamlets, and to ask questions directly of the Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Andy Ewing.

The event is being held on 30th September at:

The Osmani Centre

58 Underwood Road, Mile End New Town, London E1 5AW (close to Whitechapel and Bethnal Green Overground stations)

6.30 to 8.30 PM on Wednesday, 30th September 2015 (Doors open at 6.00 PM)



Schedule of General Meetings for 2015-2016

The following meeting dates have been agreed by the Forum at the Annual General Meeting:

General Meeting of the Forum -              Tuesday 27th October 2015

This meeting shall consider proposals made by the Committee on strategies for organizing consultations effectively and agree funding options for 2016


General Meeting of the Forum -              Tuesday 26th January 2016

This meeting shall establish Working Groups or such other groups as may be required in an agreed consultation strategy and allocate resources accordingly


General Meeting of the Forum -              Tuesday 26th April 2016

This meeting shall review the work of Working Groups (etc.) and re-allocate resources as appropriate 

Annual General Meeting             -              Tuesday 26th July 2016

As well as its other business, this meeting shall review progress on plan-making so far and consider for inclusion in the draft Neighbourhood Plan any such proposals arising from the work of the Working Group which have been agreed by the Committee. This meeting shall also set down a Plan of Action for the next year.




The 1st Annual General Meeting of the Spitalfields Neighbourhood Planning Forum is to be held at the Attlee Centre (5 Thrawl Street) on Monday 27th July 2015 starting at 19:00.

Formal notice of this meeting was conveyed to forum members in writing on Monday 6th July.

The main business of the AGM is for the retiring Officers of the Committee to inform the ordinary Members of the Forum about their activities over the past year, in particular the progress of the application they made at the behest of the forum for local authority designation on 1st December 2014. 

It is also the role of the AGM to elect a new Committee to serve Members for the year 2015-2016. If you would like to join the Committee (or you know someone who would) please let us know by writing to by Sunday 12th of July. If there are more nominees for the Committee than there are places the members of the forum will be invited to take part in a vote at the meeting. Only those who are Members of the Forum at the time of the meeting will be entitled to vote at the meeting.

If you would like anything considered for inclusion on the final Agenda please write to before Sunday 19th of July.  

Provisional Agenda

  1. Welcome
  2. Chairman’s Report
  3. Secretary’s Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Agenda Items (TBA)
  6. Election of Officers (2015-2016) – List of candidates to follow in due course
  7. Any Other Business

Food and light refreshments will be provided.

Amended Application and Response Document (April 2015)

As a result of the concerns made by some local business operators that they might be unfairly sidelined in any future ratification process for a proposed neighbourhood plan drafted by the forum, the Steering Group managing the application process on behalf of the prospective neighbourhood planning forum submitted a Response Document in April 2015 which amended our proposals to reclassify the proposed Neighbourhood Planning Forum and Area in neighbourhood planning terms as a Business Neighbourhood Planning Forum and Area. 

The key difference between the two is that any plan proposed by the former is ratified by local resident electors (as per any normal local election) alone; while in the latter (the business neighbourhood) there are two separate local referenda; one for local electors as before and then a second for local business-rate payers.

These referenda are organised by the Local Planning Authority (Tower Hamlets).

LPA Statutory Public Consultation - 5th January to 16 February 2015

Tower Hamlets held a period of Statutory Public Consultation on our proposals which began on 5th January and which ended on 16 February. The results of this consultation was made known to us on 27 February and can by summarised broadly as numerous representations of support being made by local residents, community organisations and business operators. There were also received a smaller number of objections made by several local business operators. A summary of key matters raised by representors is as follows:

Supporting comments

The proposed area is representative of the heart of Spitalfields

The boundaries are commensurate with other boundaries adopted by the Council ie. Responsible Drinking Zones

Forum members are found to be agreeable

The area and forum would give residents a stronger voice on planning issues

 ‘We have already benefited from engagement with such a diverse group of individual, community groups and businesses’

‘designation will help support, protect and encourage sensitive and appropriate social, economic, environmental and property growth and enrichment of the area’

 ‘The area is manageable in terms of policy making’

Objections and concerns raised

More planning policy could hinder growth

The proposed area is too large and does not form a coherent or consistent neighbourhood

There will be unknown implications for the Old Truman Brewery Site which represents 9.1% of the application site

The forum would not be able to effectively or efficiently deliver a neighbourhood planning forum

The area is already effectively controlled by multiple layers of adopted planning policy

Failure to comply with Legislation with regards to consultation and membership

The forum’s consultation was incomplete and not comprehensive during the preparation of the area  with consultation periods not taking into consideration Ramadan or the summer holiday season

Summary of key issues for Council considerations:

The substantial number of objections raised to the Forum and Area based applications.

The representativeness of the forum given that the majority of objections came from the business based community

The degree to which the area can be considered a ‘business area’

The degree to which membership can be considered ‘open’ and drawn from different sections of the community

The degree to which the purpose of the Forum reflects the character of the area

Consultation techniques


Tower Hamlets Planning Department considered our application made on 1st December 2014 for neighbourhood area and forum designation and subsequently after due consideration did on 15 December 2014 declare the application to be valid under Section 5 of the Town and Country Planning Act (1990).