The Forum Council is elected by members and manages the business of the forum between General Meetings. The sixteen Forum Council Members were all elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Forum on 24 October 2018. The role of Forum Council Member is defined in the Constitution and each shall serve until the next AGM in October 2019. 

  A meeting of the forum council in the old parish vestry room.

A meeting of the forum council in the old parish vestry room.

List of Members of the Forum Council  (2018-19)


Headborough (Chairman)

  • David Donoghue (Resident Rep.)

David is a resident and retired public relations officer who had worked for the London Docklands Development Corporation in the 1980s. He is also Vice-Chairman of the Spitalfields Society. David lives near Puma Court.

Vice Chairman

  • Tarik Ahmed-Khan (Organisation Rep.)

Tarik is a resident, local community activist and social campaigner. He manages a locally based football team and charity called SOUL.

Vice Chairman

  • Paul Johnston (Business Rep.)

Paul is an architect and local business operator. He is also a leading member of the Spitalfields Community Group.


  • James Frankcom (Resident Rep.)

James a resident who works as a history teacher in Stanmore. In 2014 he was selected to be a Tower Hamlets 'Mayor's Community Champion Coordinator' and has past experience working as an environmental auditor in the City. James lives near Commercial Street.


  • Charles Gledhill (Resident Rep.)

Charles is a local resident and business operator working as a bookbinder. He is also a trustee of the Spitalfields Historic Buildings' Trust. Charles lives near Fournier Street.

Ordinary Members

  • Toby Brown (Business Rep.)

Toby is the manager of Old Spitalfields Market. He has a very long connection with OSM and working in the Spitalfields area.

  • Shad Chowdhury (Resident Rep.)

Shad is a resident of Folgate Street and a long term resident and community activist in the area.

  • Melanie Denyer (Business Rep.)

Melanie is a resident and business operator. Together with her husband she operates the Rag Factory on Heneage Street a cafe called Suzzle on Brick Lane. Increasing physical disability has allowed her to see Spitalfields from new angles, whether pottering slowly down the street on crutches, or navigating her way by wheelchair. She hopes this perspective can help in the development of local planning to make our neighbourhood accessible to all. Melanie lives near Brick Lane.

  • Alex Gordon Shute (Resident Rep.)

Alex is a passionate and engaged Londoner and long-term resident of Spitalfields with family connections in the area. She is the founder of a successful recruitment agency in the City. Alex lives near Princelet Street.

  • Stephanie Mathern (Resident Rep.)

Stephanie is a local resident and a committee member of the Spitalfields Society.

  • Krissie Nicolson (Organisation Rep.)

Krissie is director and organiser of the East End Trades Guild; a community of small independent businesses based in and around Spitalfields in who identified the need to work together in mutual interest and for the benefit of their neighbourhood. Krissie is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and has an MA in Community Organising.

  • Jon Shapiro (Resident Rep.)

Jon is a retired IT specialist and local resident. He is also Chairman of the Spitalfields & Banglatown Police Ward Panel and Vice-Chair of the Spitalfields Community Group. He lives near Spital Square.

  • Paul Shearer (Resident Rep.)

Paul is a freelance media professional. His varied work career spans acting, TV and Radio comedy writing, animation voice-over, journalism for the FT and the Times as well as corporate communications video consultancy work. He lives near Artillery Lane.

  • Michelle Sinden (Business Rep.)

Michelle represents Spitalfields City Farm. Spitalfields City Farm was originally set up by volunteers in 1978 and is a vital community facility in the neighbourhood.

  • Santokh Singh Kaulder (Organisation Rep.)

Santokh is a local resident and a principal planning officer of the London Borough of Newham. He brings a wealth of experience and know-how to the work of the Forum. Santokh is a Master of Town and Country Planning (MTCP).

  • Jonathan Stebbins (Resident Rep.)

Jonathan is a long term resident of Spitalfields Market and is involved with the Spitalfields Market Residents Association.